Making Money in Slot Machines

Tricks for Making Money in Slot Machines

Discover How The Slot Machine Works

When you press the button or pull the lever of the slot machine, the figures on the reels and the numbers corresponding to the prizes appear at random. Or at least that is the theory. However, as it has an electronic system inside, it is possible to identify certain operating patterns that are very useful. You have to keep an eye on them to know when a winning combination is most likely to appear.

Always bet the highest amount

If you do not make the highest bet allowed by the slot machine, you will not be able to access the jackpot, which can be especially large in the case of progressive jackpots. It has been demonstrated that this is the most effective formula to win the slot machine. This is because most people opt for smaller bets and, likewise, because the system of random combinations and the RTP does not distinguish between amounts.

Tips For Choosing The Right Machine: Types Of Slots

Today, there is a wide variety of slot machines. These are the most common:

Single-currency slot machines: these allow you to insert a single coin at a time, hence the name. Nowadays, it is difficult to find them in casinos. Moreover, they offer less RTP than those that emerged later.

Multiplier slot machines: they can accept more than one coin and their RTP varies according to the amount entered. In addition, the same is true of the prizes, which are distributed proportionally.

Buy-A-Pay Slot Machines: accept between 1 and 5 coins at a time. This marks the number of combinations that can give access to the prize. For example, it is possible that one of these slot machines, if only one coin is played, will only give out the prize if a combination of three bars is formed online. On the other hand, if one more is entered, it will also give the prize if three cherries appear.

Slot machines with multiple payment lines: traditional slot machines only had one payment line. However, these increase the possibility of winning by including three or five. However, you have to enter an additional coin for each payline you want to play on.

Slot machines with wild: these are probably the most fun and entertaining slot machines. In addition, they offer the possibility of accessing very high prizes. This is because, when a joker appears on one of the lines, which acts as the desired figure, it is possible to multiply the winnings by two, three or even five.

Progressive slot machines: these are the ones that allow you to obtain a bigger prize, since they accumulate a percentage of the bets made by the previous players in their jackpot.

Multi-game slot machines: these are the most modern. They offer the possibility of enjoying several games without having to change machines and without affecting the RTP.

Roller slot machines: these are undoubtedly the most popular. The player inserts a coin and, by means of a mechanical or electronic mechanism, spins an odd or even number of reels trying to form combinations of figures that will allow him to obtain the prize.

From this information, you will know how to identify the different types of slot machines you can find in the casino and, in addition, you will be able to choose the one that gives you more possibilities to win and the one that you enjoy the most.

Can Slot Machines be manipulated?

From time to time there are news reports that indicate that someone has been discovered or stopped manipulating the slot machines in a casino to win all the time. Similarly, we have all heard that there are formulas to know exactly when the prize is going to come out. These are the most common ones:

Coin trick: supposedly, the player introduced a coin held by a thread inside the machine. Once it was detected by the machine’s sensors, the credit would appear on the screen and he only had to pull the thread to retrieve it. Nowadays, slot machines have non-return systems that prevent the coin from being recovered once it has passed through the entry hole.

Altering the size of the banknotes: an option only available for those machines which admitted, beyond coins, banknotes, of course. The trick was to take a 5-$ note and then, by cutting out another note of the same value, shape it into a 50-$ note so that the machine would recognise it. However, slot manufacturers now incorporate sensors that identify the type of paper and the position of holographic security symbols.

Measuring the temperature of the machine and inserting cold coins: supposedly, the theory was that the temperature of the machine rose when it was close to giving the jackpot and that, by inserting a previously cooled coin, the chances of achieving this increased even more. There is no basis for this.

Emptying the coin deposit with an electric lighter: supposedly, there was a moment when the sparks from the electric lighters altered the electromagnetic fields of the slot machine rollers. This quickly caused the coin box to empty and the player to take the jackpot home. However, today’s machines are equipped with protection systems against this type of impulse. And, moreover, it is not as easy as the theory says, since a simple lighter would in no case have sufficient power to alter the operation of the device.

Beyond this, the only way to manipulate a slot machine would be to alter its software. However, this is an impossible mission for the vast majority of users and, moreover, the main manufacturers and developers know how to protect themselves from it.

Therefore, and as a conclusion, we can say that there are tricks and tips to maximize the chances of winning a prize when playing slots. However, there is no human way to manipulate them. And, if found, one must know that one is committing a crime that carries prison sentences as it is an action considered a scam.

Tricks for playing slot machines

So, at this point, all we can tell you is to be patient, play responsibly and follow the advice we have given in this guide on how to win at the slot machine to optimise your chances of going home with a good prize in your pocket. On the other hand, if you prefer to practice without risking money, here we offer you all the information you need to start playing slots for free.

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