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Betting on basketball: our tips for betting well

The best bookmakers to bet on basketball

  • Winamax
  • PMU
  • ZEbet
  • Unibet
  • Bwin
  • Betclic


Registration on Winamax is very simple. It is also easy to take advantage of up to 100€ free in case of a first losing bet. The bookmaker therefore allows you to envisage your debut on the site with serenity. For basketball fans, several options are available after your registration.

Giving access to all the bets of the biggest basketball events, the bookmaker has also set up the “Coach’s Game”. As the name suggests, you have to play the role of the coach and compose your major five. Following the performances of the selected players, you score a number of points that will allow you to define your position in the final ranking. Depending on your position, you can win the prizes that are at stake.

This feature is only available for NBA meetings. It is also possible to have the advice of some experts to help or comfort you in your choice.


Unlike its competitors, PMU offers an unusual welcome bonus. Depending on how much you wager during the two months following your registration, you can get back up to €100. A bargain for those who like to make big bets. Afterwards, access to basketball betting is very easy.

Like Winamax, PMU has been able to set up a “Fantasy League”. This allows players to create the team of their dreams to try and win the jackpots. A feature that is sure to convince many bettors to join it.


ZEbet’s welcome bonus remains very interesting. Indeed, it allows all new players to take advantage of part of the 150€ offered very easily. It is important to know that all you need to do is complete the compulsory steps at registration to pocket €60 of this promotion. This sum can then become very interesting to try to build up your starting capital.

With this bonus, you’ll have no trouble betting on basketball. Most events are available and should allow you to make some profit.


When you register with Unibet you can win up to €100 in free bets if your first bet loses. In addition, the bookmaker allows you to play in most major basketball leagues. With the European leagues, you can easily find the NBA, the NCAA or the Australian championship. Without forgetting that the international competitions (World Cup etc…) appear when they start.

On Unibet, it is possible to receive advice from certain experts directly from their site. By finding the appropriate box, you have access to different videos on certain meetings, with an analysis. An ideal way to get you started in this field and to understand the statistics you need to know.


Allowing you to recover up to 107€ in the event of a losing bet, Bwin has a special place in the world of sports betting. While the bookmaker has been present for many years already, new players are often very satisfied when they join him.

Basketball is not lacking in choice on this site. You will have access to all the main leagues of this sport. So you will have no difficulty betting on basketball when you join Bwin.


Betclic’s welcome bonus is still below the majority of its competitors. The bookmaker can recover up to 50€ on his first losing bet. However, the situation remains different afterwards since the site remains one of the references.

As well as having access to all the basic bets, you can play “Colossus Bets”. On the basis of a grid, all you have to do is enter the results for all the requested matches. In case of a clear round, you can win the jackpot.

Betting on basketball: a few tips

It is very important to know a few important facts before betting on basketball. First of all, it is always strongly advised to play on the winner of the match and not the final result. Let’s take an example: you are betting on Boston Celtics winning against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. If you play Boston Celtics as the result of the match, you lose if both teams go into overtime. Even if they win at the end of overtime. On the contrary, by betting on the winner of the match, a victory in overtime allows you to generate profits. While the odds are often lower, it also means less risk.

Finally, as in all sports, the stakes of the match are of paramount importance. It is important to note the ranking of the two teams and the repercussions that the match in question could generate. Another thing: to bet on the NBA, you have to pay close attention to each team’s schedule. Some teams make several consecutive trips. These teams may arrive much less physically well than their opponent.

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