Surebets: winning every time

As its name suggests, surebet is a bet that you are certain to win. It results from the analysis of the odds offered by bookmakers on the same sporting event.

To detect it, there is a mathematical formula. It also requires having an account with at least 2 different bookmakers. Explanations.

Surebets, instructions for use


  • 1/A + 1/B + 1/C < 1

A, B and C are the most important ratings for each possible outcome of a sporting event:

  • A = victory of team 1.
  • B = draw.
  • C = victory of team 2.

When comparing the odds at the different bookmakers, one must bear in mind the formula and that it is not a combined bet but 3 or even 2 separate single bets (when a draw is not possible). The bet will win systematically, it’s a mathematical logic because the odds remain percentages. When the sum of the odds is less than 1, this means that the expected money will necessarily exceed the expenses generated by all the accumulated bets.

Tip: Avoid mutualised odds like the ones proposed at France-Pari and NetBet Sport: they may change because they will depend on the bets of other players, just like in the turf. For surebets, do not play on these sites because the final establishment of the odds will almost certainly distort your calculation.


For example, a tennis match between Gilles Simon and Julien Benneteau. Here are the odds of the match for operator 1 (for example Unibet) and the odds for operator 2 (let’s say Sport en Ligne).

Example of a match between Simon and Benneteau

Using our formula, the result is that 1/1.8 + 1/2.8 = 0.55 + 0.35 = 0.9. This value is less than 1 and therefore it is an overbet.

Now, how do we bet?

Bet and win for sure

Here we have to choose the gross amount we want to earn in order to have a base. It can be higher depending on your means. Let’s choose the simplest: 100€.

So we want to win 100€ with one or the other bet (knowing that one will necessarily lose). We will have to bet on 2 sites by choosing the best odds. The first bet will be reserved for Gilles Simon’s victory with odds of 1.8 and the second for Julien Benneteau’s victory with odds of 2.8.

So we have to bet 100/1.8 for the first one and 100/2.8 for the second one, which gives us:

  • Betting 55.50€ on Gilles Simon on Unibet (55.5€ x 1.8 = 100€ potential winnings)
  • Bet €35.70 on Julien Benetteau on ParionsWeb (35.7 x 3 = €100 potential winnings)
  • If one or the other wins, we necessarily pocket €100 gross for a total of €91.20 wagered.

To find out the net potential, we have to subtract our bets. So we actually win: 100 – (55.5 + 35.7) = €8.8 net. If we had tripled or tenfolded the stakes on the sportsmen and women, the net winnings would also have been tripled or tenfold.

In this case, our surebet was equivalent to betting on an odds of 1.088, i.e. an investment of 8.8% with immediate effect!

The positive points of the surebet

At the present time, it is very difficult to imagine generating regular winnings in the world of sports betting. Surebet can help you make a profit. By carefully following the method described above, you are sure to make a profit at the end of the game.

In fact, surebet is still the only method that allows you to win every time in sports betting. While other solutions, such as valuebet, can also make money, they are not as reliable as surebet.

By mastering this method perfectly, you can therefore inflate your bankroll, little by little. Even if the profits won’t be huge at first, it is not negligible to be able to earn money regularly on a bookmaker. This is also why it can be very interesting to take a serious look at this technique.

The negative points of surebet

The surebet is based on a mathematical formula, which does not allow you to lose. This takes us out of the world of sports betting. Some players might quickly get tired of this solution. When placing a sports bet, there is often the adrenaline of being able to know the result.

With surebet, you simply have to wait for the final outcome, to withdraw your winnings, and look for a new match to bet on. It is therefore not surprising to know that sports betting enthusiasts do not enjoy playing like this.

All the more so as the winnings are minimal. Unless you choose to bet very large amounts of money. However, you should also be aware that some bookmakers may then understand your stratagem, and choose to limit your bets, or even worse, suspend your player account.

This is a solution that can therefore be risky, and you should be very careful when using it.

Our opinion on surebet

When you have the opportunity to play surebet, you have to think twice before you go for it. It is not a method to be taken lightly. By mastering this technique perfectly, players must take advantage of it, in order to reap regular benefits.

If you miss the “luck” aspect of sports betting, you can always replay part of the winnings on other sports events. However, extreme care must be taken when using this method. It is not uncommon for bookmakers to choose to suspend an account when users abuse surebet.

By managing your capital in the best possible way, without the use of the surebet, we advise you to keep this in mind.

It is not possible to find bets of this type because the odds are calculated in such a way that there is not enough spread between them. In addition, bookmakers consult the same rating agencies and, above all, they aim for a certain balance between the odds, which is a prerequisite for their profitability. Too much discrepancy between bookmakers would generate too many overbets and therefore too many losses for the operators – heavily taxed moreover.

Consequently, to proceed as described above on French territory is an impossible task!

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