The Biggest Classics of the Casino

The Biggest Classics of the Casino

Casinos are on the rise all over the world. They are distributed in various countries in hotels, ships and specialized houses. The exquisite atmosphere, specially prepared to receive the players makes each house a temple for the gamblers who value comfort and an exclusive service. It is possible to watch the most diverse shows and enjoy an excellent and sophisticated meal.

But for those who prefer a quieter environment to place their bets the computer and smatphones are excellent options. 

Slot Machines

These are the famous nickel slot machines. Obviously when we talk about casino this is one of the first images that comes to mind. Most online casinos are full of slot machines, which imitate the old machines, but are repaginated with breathtaking graphics and animations. Moreover, these games are increasingly complex and restructured so that the game becomes more complex and playable.

It is not uncommon to find slots with movie or series themes, players identify with this type of product and end up being very interested in these games.


This is the most popular card game of all. It is played by one or more participants and has many variations. For each game we have specific rules, card combination values and bet values. It is a game for those who like a mental challenge. There are many amateur and professional tournaments on the net, for all tastes. These tournaments involve sponsorship and many prizes.


This is the popular twenty-one, well known by Brazilians. It is a game of 8 decks and the objective is to have the deck with the largest number, so that it does not exceed number 21. Whoever surpasses that number loses. In the virtual environment it is possible to play with opponents online or with the computer itself.


Roulette games are in great demand in both physical and virtual environments. It is a very simple game, but it depends basically on luck. The goal is to get the result right with a single spin. Roulette games also have variations, but these variations are more focused on betting or extra spins. The most used variations are the American, European and French roulette versions. European roulette has a single zero and the numbers are random. American roulette has two zeros and the numbers follow an order. French roulette is identical to European roulette, the difference is the special betting area.


For those who like the famous bingos, there are many options on the specialised pages. It’s a simple game, which has some variations, but the principles are similar. The game has numbered cards and a roulette wheel in which are arranged balls with numbers. As the balls are drawn the cards should be marked. The player who can mark a line, column or diagonal wins.

It is a game that is also classic in casinos and is very exciting and fast. With the tables always full the dice game seems both complicated and attractive. If the player makes favorable bets it is possible to get very valuable prizes.

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